Music classes

Learn to play music,
because it’s FUN!

Our music classes are not about exams, grades, qualifications….. It’s for fun.

Specially designed lessons for complete beginners, and we mean complete beginners!

No experience, no skills, never played before, don’t have a note in my head kind of beginners.

There’s a big mean myth out there that music is in the blood, it’s in the family, you’re either born with it or you’re not, you have it or you don’t.
Well it’s not true.

Anyone can play, we’ll get you started and we’ll even give you the instrument. We’re on a mission to get more people playing music and we know that one of the main barriers is actually spending the money to buy the instruments in the first place, so now you don’t have to, we’ll give it to you.* 

Click on the instrument you’d like to start playing or if you’re not sure then have a look at our interactive workshops where you can have a go at all of them and see which one you like.


Classes are available in our school Thursday to Saturday.

40 minute classes are €25 with an additional €5 per person for family/group lessons.

Or click here to book our interactive workshop and have a go at all of them.

* This is not so much terms and conditions more like Frequently Asked Questions, click here to get the details