Learn to play banjo

The banjo is one of the most popular instruments in Irish Folk music.
It’s nice and lively and it gives every song a lift when there’s a banjo involved.

It’s very lively and very loud**

Banjo is usually played quite fast but of course everyone has to start slowly and that’s exactly what we do. We’ve designed our lessons for complete beginners so we’ll take it nice and slowly to start.

And as with all of our other lessons we can even give you a banjo* to get you started.
We recommend 10 lessons initially and you’ll get a free tutorial video on how to tune the instrument first as well as your own personal banjo song book.

So click here to book your beginner banjo lessons

Classes are available in our school Thursday to Saturday.

40 minute classes are €25 with an additional €5 per person for family/group lessons

why not book in for a multi instrument workshop first so that you can have a go at all our instruments and see which one you like best before you sign up for lessons.

Click here to book an interactive Irish music workshop.

**The banjo is actually quite a loud instrument and this might be something to consider if you are sharing a house with others. Practicing is of course essential and the best place to do that is at home, but have a think about how the volume might affect the others in the house first. Feel free to call into the school and see for yourself.