Pogues UNPLUGGED: The Shane McGowan Appreciation Society July 23rd

The music of Shane McGowan lovingly presented in the most unique, intimate of settings at our 150 year old converted primary school building.

The Shane McGowan Appreciation Society is the latest in a series of unique performances held at the Irish Folk Music school in Glenisland, Castlebar, Co Mayo.

Each month our music teachers will present their favourite songs of their favourite recording artists in their own style with a variety of traditional instruments.

After a successful opening gig featuring the music of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Prine and Luke Kelly all followed to sold out audiences. And this time with a full band, for one night only, the songs and music of Shane McGowan and the pogues.

There is no alcohol at this event but freshly brewed coffee, tea and goodies will be provided.

Tickets are very limited as we are performing in an actual 150 year old classroom. The school will be open for an hour before the gig and visitors are welcome to have a go at our wide collection of instruments. The signs here say “please DO touch”!

This is a one night only performance.

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