Monumental Music Tour

Music is everywhere in Dublin.
It’s in the bars, the cars, in the homes in the hearts.
It’s in the schools and it’s on the streets.

Our Monumental Music Tour of Dublin is a fascinating, entertaining and educational event lead by our professional musician guides.

A 2 hour walk stopping at famous statues, monuments and landmarks highlighting the intrinsic role of music in Irish culture and history with insightful songs and stories and great music along the way.

Songs about rebels, songs written by rebels, songs of love, songs of great sadness sung with great pride, humorous street ballads about famous Dublin city characters and of course songs about beer, whiskey and the craic!

This is a truly unique event brought to life by a small group of talented and passionate tour guides who will welcome you to the pub at the end of the tour for a chat about all things music, answer any questions our visitors might have about some of the stories on the tour or indeed anything else and maybe even sing a few more songs and get everybody joining in for the craic.

The Irish Folk have prepared an official songbook to accompany the tour and each visitor will get a copy included in the price.

Please click here to book your place on Dublin’s Monumental Music Tour.

The Monumental Music Tour is taking a break for the winter months but we will be back in Spring when the days brighten up so watch this space for the new year’s timetable.

The Monumental Music Tour is also available for student groups under the age of 18 so please click here to see the junior version.