learn to play bodhrán

The bodhrán is a great instrument; we can’t figure out why more people don’t play the bodhrán, so we’re on a mission to change that.

It’s user friendly, it’s not expensive, it’s very versatile and most importantly it’s great fun.

The perfect accompaniment to traditional Irish tunes of course but also great for backing up your favourite pop or rock n roll songs, or just expressing yourself playing freestyle, the bodhrán is great fun.

All our music lessons are specially designed for complete beginners.
Using famous Irish folk songs our aim is to get you playing along straight away.

As with all our lessons we can provide you with an instrument if you don’t have one. There’s no extra charge for that, just a deposit to get you started.

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Classes are available in our school Thursday to Saturday.

40 minute classes are €25 with an additional €5 per person for family/group lessons

We also have interactive workshops where you can try out loads of different instruments before you sign up for lessons. This workshop is great for children’s parties, family gatherings, school groups or even work events.

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