Do I have to go out and buy my own instrument before I get lessons?
No! We have loads of instruments here in the school so we can give you the instrument to get you started.

So you basically rent out the instruments?
We’re not exactly renting out the instruments because we don’t charge for it. We give you an instrument if you don’t have one. There’s no charge.

Is there a deposit?
Yes, we take a deposit on all instruments and then after the term of lessons you can return the instrument and we’ll give you back the deposit, or you can buy the instrument from us.

How much is the deposit?
It depends on the instrument, there are different options so best thing is to call us and speak to us directly.

Are these instruments new?
No. These are used instruments but they are all in very good condition. Our aim is to get you playing straight away so we will only give you an instrument that is ready to play straight away.

Can you provide several instruments for family lessons?
Yes we can, family lessons are a great idea so we will make sure we have the instruments you need.