Learn to play ukulele

The ukulele is probably the perfect instrument to start with;
– it has nylon strings which are soft on the finger tips
– only 4 strings so it’s quick to tune
– it’s not very loud so you won’t disturb everyone in the house
– it’s small and light so you can take it with you anywhere
– it’s very versatile and it’s one of the easiest instruments to learn.

And like all instruments (but especially the ukulele) it’s great fun!

All our music lessons are specially designed for complete beginners.
Using famous Irish folk songs our aim is to get you playing along straight away.

There are 10 ukulele lessons in each term
(plus a free video tutorial on tuning the instrument) and includes your own personal ukulele songbook which you’ll build every week.

And we’ll even give you a Ukulele!
The ukulele is not expensive but we can provide you with one anyway at no extra cost, just a deposit to get you started.

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We also have interactive workshops where you can try out loads of different instruments before you sign up for lessons. This workshop is great for children’s parties, family gatherings, school groups or even work events.

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