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“The Irish Folk” is a collective of local musicians, artists, teachers and tour guides sharing a passion for all things Irish. Our aim is to share and promote traditional ways of life by creating unique experiences for visitors and locals alike.

We’re always open to new members joining us so if you have a special interest in any part of Irish culture and you’d like to join us in showing it to the world please get in touch.

It’s all about Irish culture so if you play Irish music, Irish dancing then you’ll probably fit right in. If you’re a tour guide or a historian. Even if you’re a chef specialising in Irish cuisine or G.A.A. coach. If you’re a native Irish speaker or if you’ve spent the last few years hiking around the ring of Kerry or exploring caves in the Burren and you would like to get involved with us give us a call and we’ll have a chat.
083 100 3427